The company PV Construction Germany GmbH & Co. KG is situated in the heart of Southern Oldenburg and has made a name for herself by safe and reliable work in the field of photovoltaic. Trust in us, because as a master company you can be assured being competently advised. Our target is defined by our exceptionally close care for customers and our friendly and technically experienced employees.

Our aim is it to draw up a customer specific solution, which fits individually the owner's needs. For this, all sections are being discussed and carried our extensively. It goes without saying that customer's requests are being taken into consideration.

Please be assured that photovoltaic plants from the company PV Construction make the best of your roof due to high quality and economical technology. By a wealth of underconstructions we are in the position to change every roof into a sun generator. Whether south, east or west - for every roof the suitable equipment. Our products are classified in the upper quality segment.

The inverters we use are being tested very thoroughly in various installations and are therefore optimally suitable to fit your plant. With pleasure we would like to explain the installation you wish beforehand as a sample on one of our example tables.

Upon request we are also in the position to allow you having a look at an existing plant.

I'm glad very much to greet you soon as a guest in our house.

Bernd Lauderbach, Managing Director/Owner

PV system Löningen
PV module cleaning, 30 kWp, thin-film modules
PV system MV
PV module cleaning, 260 kWp, Kristalline Module
PV system Lastrup
PV module cleaning, 60 kWp, thin-film modules
PV system Cloppenburg
PV module cleaning, 130 kWp, thin-film modules & Kristalline Module

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